12 Days of Christmas Countdown

Daily Specials Starting Friday the 12th – Christmas Eve

I’ll be picking daily specials to offer you at great savings

Supplies are limited, but will remain on list until gone


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10% Storewide Discounts Still Continue

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Pat O’Der - Collectible St. Nicks

Linda Kowalski – Collectible Houses

Luminara Candles and Angel Candles


Calico Hen – 12 Days of Christmas Countdown Specials

1st Day – Friday the 12th

Draping Bead Garlands, antique gold or red (5 feet long)

Regular price $19.95 – Now $10.00

2nd Day - Saturday the 13th

Olive Flocked Trees

8" tall Reg. $8.95 - Now $4.50

12" tall Reg. $14.95 - Now $7.50

18" tall Reg. $21.95 - Now $11.00